After years in Africa and professional assignments across France, in 2007, Patricia finally settled in Nantes, France- Loire-Atlantique-, and decided to dedicate full time to her passion: art, painting and sculpture most noticeably. In 2013, she opened another painting atelier in Houston .

 In 2012 Patricia’s work was prized by the visitors for her subtle work featuring Northern France beaches. After more prices, numerous participations to exhibitions in France and a most recent one in Houston last December, Patricia’s Painting “Eden” was honored by one of the Vice-President of the French Government Committee for Cultural Affairs and supported his 2017 traditional New Year greeting cards.

 Patricia affections colors and masters their use to reflect vibrant impressions from her travels, emotions or everyday life. Patricia’s paintings echo her passion for new experiences, richness of the World and…Life!

 Those painting will bring to your home the beauty of Texas’s Coast and its changing, emotional and inspiring atmosphere.